AREVA and the America’s cup

4 11 2007

In 2006, Areva showed its come back in the America’s cup sponsoring K-challenge, the french boat. Areva brang about 13 million euros to let the boat to do a good performance during the Louis Vuitton Cup, the competition which select the best boat to compete with the last  America’s cup winner.

Areva wanted to come back because the competition offers to sponsors a real good way to promote oneself. During the last America Cup, Areva spent 15 million euros and had a promotion evaluated at 65 million euros. They became twenty times more famous thanks to this sponsoring.

Sailing is a very good way to promote a brand as it asks not a lot of money as in Football . With some million of euros it could bring to a firm a real take off.



3 11 2007

According to a recently survey I made, I could see that 57% of people in our school (Management School of Normandy) in le havre have ever done sailing. This is a quite good data which show that sailing is very popular in our school.

60% of them did catamaran, 30.5 % did stormsail, and only 18% have ever done funboard.

When they do sailing they mainly seek speed sensations (53%) or quietness (43%). It depends on the charactere of the person. Some person did sailing to surpasse oneself.

 Most of people who have ever done sailing doesn’t own a boat( 86%) . But for those who bought one, they spent more than 10000 €.  

 Thank you for all people who answered my survey. You were very numerous.

How much money could sailing bring ?

1 11 2007


Ellen MacArthur is the queen of the sea. She finished at the second place during the ” Vendée Globe” in 2001.

She  signed a  6 million euros contract with “Kingfisher”, in 2006, in order to promote the brand during the next “route du rhum” and during her world records attempts.

For kingfisher it was a real success. The brand earned 29 times more money than they expected.

They said that if they wanted to have a such result using the traditional methods of advertising, they should had to pay more than 175 million euros.

How to use the blog

28 10 2007

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Here, this is only the home page which present the theme of the blog.

Sailing Advertising, a possibility or a dream ?

18 09 2007


Hello everybody, I chose to deal with sailing advertising for only one reason. Not because it is a sport which has taken a large part of my life during fifteen years, but because it is a sport which hasn’t any help from the media whereas it deserves to be known. I wish to make people aware of that the world doesn’t run only by football or rugby. So, my main aim is to make my dream your.